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Me & Pippy in Paris - $16

Superheroes Defeating Villains - $16


Miley Hodge


At age 5 Miley was diagnosed with Stage IV Osteosarcoma, an extremely aggressive form of bone cancer. What began in her left femur quickly spread to her lungs. She was given one to two years left to live and in 2014 was sent home from the hospital with only four to six months left.

The doctors were wrong! Miley is now 10 and still fighting. She has endured several chemo treatments and the loss of her left leg. She is a fighter and a true Make Believer!


Her book takes us to Paris with her sister Kenzie, also known as Pippy, where the two girls see the sights and explore the city of love. These two ladies definitely make their mark on the city and won't be forgotten.

Morgan Villanova


Two weeks after her 5th birthday Morgan was diagnosed with Stage II Wilms Tumor. Morgan underwent emergency surgery to remove a five pound tumor along with her right kidney. She then endured six months of chemo and was eventually declared "cancer free."

She is currently monitored closely, to ensure the cancer has not returned. She is also tested regulary to ensure the treatments did not do long term damage to her growing body. 

Her book kicks booty! You'll read how the superhero Guitarman saves his friend Justin, the pizza delivery guy who tells knock knock jokes when he delivers pizza. With the help from a friend, he has to defeat the bad guys and save the day, along with his favorite pizza!  

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