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Miley Hodge Me & Pippy in Paris

Hi, I’m Miley. I’m 10 years old and I have cancer. I’ve been in and out of hospitals having surgeries and I lost my leg from bone cancer. I used to be bald, but my hair grew back and then the doctors found cancer on my lungs. Luckily it’s not growing, although I still have trouble breathing.

My favorite movie is Tangled because Rapunzel is brave. I try to be brave like her, but sometimes it doesn’t work. I have three sisters, one older and younger twins. My best friend is my big sister, Kenzie. She’s my number one best friend. I have three dogs and one cat. The dogs live downstairs and the cat lives upstairs with me. 

I hope you like my book. It’s really good because I wrote it.

Love, Miley

Morgan Villanova Superheroes Defeating Villains

Hi, I’m Morgan. I’m 7 years old and I like boy stuff and Star Wars. I have a bunch of friends. I play soccer and baseball and also take karate. I had kidney cancer but I’m getting better now. I have a huge collection of Pokeman cards with 6 Pikachu’s! My sister Maddie can NOT touch my Pokeman cards.


I really think you’ll like my book because it’s silly and funny and will make you laugh.

Love, Morgan

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