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11 year old Tucker wrote this book for his bother's Liam & Oliver while they battle Sanfilippo Syndrome. He's raising money and awareness for kids just like them!


On their own, with no food in sight, three lion brothers must face the Great Plains in search of better hunting. But Scout is unsure if his two brothers can survive the long journey. With no choice left, they’ll have to find out if the three of them have what it takes to brave the harsh land and find the food they need. Facing great odds and near impossible terrain will bring the brothers together, where they learn that no matter their individual abilities, if they have the will, they’ll find the way.


Proceeds directly benefit the author and A Kid Again

A Brother's Journey

  • Tucker Amos

    On behalf of Liam & Oliver


    Hi, our names are Liam and Oliver! We have two awesome brothers Tobey and Tucker. Our brother Tucker wrote this book on our behalf, which in a way, symbolizes our journey together. 

    We live with a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome, which is much like a childhood Alzheimer’s. This diagnosis means we are/will lose most of our skills we once had, and spend a lot of time at doctor’s visits. But we are so strong and funny, with big hearts that just really love people! 

    Our brother Tucker is a great big helper to us! He is in 6th grade, loves basketball, adventures, and especially loves to write! We hope you love his story as much as we do!

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