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9 year old Presley wrote this book while battling Malan Syndrome. She's raising money and awareness for kids just like her!


Presley’s best friend Aurora has to move away. How will the two girls remain best friends forever? With the help of a magical mailing kit, the two besties vow to write to each other every day so they can remain BFFs. But their letters begin to take on a life of their own, literally. Find out what happens when unicorns, mermaids, and monsters all arrive in their mailboxes! 


Proceeds directly benefit the author and A Kid Again

Better Than A Letter Magical Mailing Kit

  • Presley Collins


    Hi I’m Presley! I am 9 years old and in fourth grade. My favorite things are school, music, cheerleading and my friends (my best friend is Aurora just like in my book). My favorite place to be is Target. I LOVE to play pranks on my family. I have something very rare called Malan Syndrome and sometimes it’s hard, but it’s part of what makes me ME.

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