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7 year old Auggie wrote this book while battling cancer. He's raising money and awareness for kids just like him!


Your typical tale of friendship, courage, and hypnotized groundhogs! Steven and Smash just set out for a fun adventure, but the Evil Wizard has other plans. When Steven gets captured, Smash must find the courage to do what it takes to save his friend, but he must face the treacherous Banned Cave. A place so scary not even the bravest dudes dare enter. Hold your breath and find out what lies ahead for Smash on his courageous journey to save Steven.


Proceeds directly benefit the author and A Kid Again

Steven & Smash the Smella-Venture

  • August Anderson


    Hi, I’m Auggie and I’m seven years old. I love telling stories and have always dreamed of getting one published. I’ve been fighting a super rare cancer since December, 2021. I have an N-TRK Rearranged tumor behind my right lung. That’s doctor speak for a mutation in my tumor.

    I wrote my book about friendship and bravery because my big brother and my friends are always there to video chat and play Roblox with me while I’m recovering in the hospital. I want everyone to know that it’s okay to be scared. You can be scared and brave at the same time as long as you never give up.

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