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7 year old Morgan wrote this book after losing her kidney to cancer. She's raising money and awareness for kids just like her!


Can’t a superhero enjoy a slice of pizza after a guitar solo? According to the bad guys, apparently not. Rockstar Wars Pizza is under attack and it’s up to Guitarman to save the day. With help from his trusted friend, The Girl Who Defeats Villains With Guitarman, they must defeat the villains and save Justin, the funny pizza delivery guy.


Proceeds directly benefit the author

Superheroes Defeating Villains

  • Morgan Villanova


    Two weeks after her 5th birthday Morgan was diagnosed with Stage II Wilms Tumor. Morgan underwent emergency surgery to remove a five pound tumor along with her right kidney. She then endured six months of chemo and was eventually declared "cancer free."

    She is currently monitored closely, to ensure the cancer has not returned. She is also tested regulary to ensure the treatments did not do long term damage to her growing body. 

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